Not far from the turbulent city life of Thun is a quiet village surrounded by small lakes and a nature reserve. A long, long time ago, in 1899, the Linde Guest House was located here. Everything seemed perfect until one day, in 1971, a terrible fire burned down the inn.

The grizzly bear from the nearby forest couldn't believe his eyes at the sight and rounded up all his animal friends. Together they made it their mission to rebuild the inn.

It should become even more beautiful, even better and even more versatile, while paying the utmost attention to cultural life, care of the landscape and maintaining the unique lakeside areas.

In 1977, the grizzly and his animal friends received support from Hauenstein Hotels for the creation of the Grizzlybär Country Inn, where they found a new home. People came from near and far to the Grizzlybär Country Inn. They celebrated in the Grizzly Pub, feasted in the restaurant and enjoyed nature in the outdoor areas!

But with the changing times and urbanisation, the Grizzlybär Country Inn became less popular. People preferred to stay in the big cities, far away from unspoiled nature.

It was time for Hauenstein Hotels to help the grizzly and his animal family and bring a breath of fresh air to Lake Dittlig. Together they created the Grizzlybär Adventure Land. A fun and diverse location for young and old, humans and animals. The Grizzly's animal friends have finally found a nice home and can let off steam in their spacious outdoor area. Parties are held again in the Grizzly Pub and the restaurant offers even more culinary delights than ever before.

The overnight options are also very popular, be it the hotel or the newly built campsite. For those in search of experience, adventure and recreation, the Grizzlybär Adventure Land is becoming more and more popular.

The Grizzlybär Adventure Land has made it its mission to bring this beautiful, natural place to life and to offer people from near and far a feel-good oasis full of experiences and relaxation. The Grizzlybär Adventure Land radiates pure warmth and hospitality and is flourishing once again.

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